Living Shoreline

Photo Credit: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Living shorelines are a shoreline management practice that provides erosion control benefits; protects, restores, or enhances natural shoreline habitat; and maintains coastal processes through the strategic placement of plants, stone, sand fill, and other structural organic materials (e.g. biologs, oyster reefs, etc.). Living shorelines can reduce wave damage to the coast and inland structures by creating a solution that incorporates segmented breakwaters and plantings along the shoreline.

R1801 - City of Miami Beach Living Shoreline
R1803 - Sarasota Living Shoreline
R1931 - Franklin-98 Living Shoreline
R2117 - Floridatown Nature Based Erosion Control Phase II
R1819 - Cedar Key Living Shoreline
R2146 - Titusville Causeway Multi-Trophic Shoreline Stabilization

FWC - Florida Living Shorelines
Solution TimelineLong Term
Adaptation InfrastructureHybrid
Degree of ProtectionMedium
Relative Cost ($, $$, $$$)$$