Floodable Park / Water Square

Photo Credit: VisitTallahassee

This type of park or square can combine water storage with the added benefits of an urban public space. A floodable park or water square is considered a twofold strategy: (1) It makes money invested in water storage facilities visible and enjoyable, and (2) it generates opportunities to create quality environmentally friendly spaces central in neighborhoods. Most of the time the park or square can be used as a recreational space. When heavy rains occur, rainwater that is collected from the surrounding area will flow into the floodable park or water square for a short duration. After it has been used as a buffering space for floodwaters, this water is filtered by the vegetation and soils, and the filtered water is returned to the water system.

R1933 - Good Neighbor Stormwater Park
Solution TimelineIntermediate
Adaptation InfrastructureHybrid
Degree of ProtectionMedium
Relative Cost ($, $$, $$$)$$